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We are providing Android and IOS applications for our clients to facilitate and enhance ELMS (Education & Learning Management System). Just click the buttton below to download applications.

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Guardian / Parent App

It facilitates smooth and instant communication for active parent involvement. When Attendance is marked it can be uploaded online for guardians / parents to see and attendance record is also available on this app. Automated Exams, Daily Tests and Quiz results can be updated which makes it a great aid for parents. Also, there is a provision of an online diary which can keep records of student's subject wise daily homework and other information as well. Marks can also be shared with parents. Furthermore, online fees and dues information is available on guardian /parent App which makes it the best in the market.

Teacher App

This app is generally used by the teachers for the purpose of marking students attendance, distributing and grading the assignments, quizes, daily tests of the students. This Classroom app is used by the teachers for updating the class digital diary for parents / guardians so that the they can have an easy access to the updated diary data. The teachers also use this app for making certain announcements and apply for his leave by sending leave application to his organization / institute administration.

Student App

App for students can make them more interactive and activate better engagement between educational institute and students. As schools continue to realize the power of smartphones hold for better learning, apps has fast become one of the trends in education. Students app provides all the necessary information about their diary,attendance, exams, daily tests, quizez, fee dues. This resource is the perfect tool to you make more informed.

Admin App

This app is a complete and feature riched school management software for all educational institutes. This school management app is for administration and management activities in schools, colleges, universities, tuition centers or training centers. This school management system application manages everything from smart reporting about income, expenses, employees and students performance of all the campuses of an institute, to all major and necessary features which are important for an admin.